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Truly Custom Scleral Lens for Dry Eye

Dr Bradley Richlin (USA)

Very succesfull empirical fitting with the Eye Surface Profiler and BostonSight SCLERALs. Patient reports exceptional comfort and relief from dry eye symptoms. 

Decentered multifocal WAVE ScleraLens

Dr Tom Arnold (USA)

Decentered multifocal optics were succesful utilizing the WAVE scleral lens data-driven from the Eye Surface Profiler.

Using BostonSight Smart360 technology

Dr Sheila Morrison (CA)

Offering your patients Profilometry based free form scleral lenses not only impresses the patients, it also cuts down on chair time and patient visits. SmartSight HOA technology will be added soon (BostonSight).


Reinier Stortelder, BOptom

Scleral lens designs are currently updated rapidly offering more features, more parameters and finally more comfort to the patient. In this poster two guidelines are suggested to make it easier to combine Profilometry for scleral lens designing.

Reinier Stortelder, BOptom; Giancarlo Montani OD, FIACLE, FBCLA; Javier Rojas OD, FAAO, FSLS

Over the last decade the soft lens market has learned that the dropout rate is not improving. The existing method of fitting soft lenses, based on the keratometry values of the eye and base curve (BC) of the lens does not work.

Reinier Stortelder, BOptom

Corneal difference maps are a popular method to track and trace the development of corneal diseases as well as the condition of the cornea post operative. Following the same approach for scleral profilometry sounds logical.


Eye Surface Profiler: Product Information

The Eye Surface Profiler (ESP)

SW demonstration - Eye Surface Profiler

Image aquisition - Eye Surface Profiler